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Your Child and Religion

Your Child and Religion

"Let the Children come to me, do not stop them for the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these" Ever wondered why in order for us to inherit the Kingdom of God, we need to have child-like qualities? The question is, which are these qualities?


Love, Forgiveness, honesty, cheerfulness, humility and Patience are just a few of those qualities in children that God loves so much! But how can we ensure that our children grow up with these qualities? As parents we have the responsibility to ensure that our children grow up to be loving, responsible adults who have respect for people around them. How can we achieve this?


Naturally, we are born with sin. It is through love and constant reminder of the word of God that our old sinful self is lost and instead replaced with a new creature full of good Christian Qualities that help us be a light to the world around us. If we teach our Children to embrace this Light who is Christ and live by him, then slowly by slowly we make this world a better place not only for them but for others around them.


The question that we should then ask ourselves as parents then is, How much have we allowed this light to shine in our own lives? We cannot give or share what we do not have. We therefore need to let our light so shine before men that they may see our good deeds and glorify our father who is in heaven.


For parents, let us replace MEN with CHILDREN. You get the point. right?

God bless you.

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Your Child and Violence.

Your Child and Violence.

Cambridge dictionary defines violence as 'actions or words that are intended to hurt other people." Many times we say things that hurt others like talking about their families, their background, their intelligence level or even the famous 'mchongoanos' that hurt more than make people laugh. Others even go to the extent of hitting their friends or writing something nasty about them online or even saying lies about them to their friends. The question that arises from this is, where exactly do these violent tendancies stem from?


The two basic conditions that are said to produce violent tendancies in children are (1) the person being hurt and (2) A person who is not well understood. When someone is spanked, hit or threatened with violence, they will have a tendancy of becoming violent themselves. Sexual abuse and emotional neglect are also hurts that lead to violent tendancies. parents should therefore be careful not to instil such tendancies in their children.

A child who is not well understood and who has not been allowed to release emotions resulting from being hurt can also become violent. This is a way of releasing their frustrations and feeling better about themselves. Also important to note is the fact that when a child has been a victim of violence and their feelings bocked and repressed, they become violent as a way of releasing their anger and frustrations.


Parents should be very careful to note signs of violent behaviors in their children so as to be able to deal with them. Some of these behaviours include: Extreme impulsiveness, extreme irritability, frequent loss of temper, becoming easily frustrated and intense anger. failing to note this behaviours early will result in having violent children capable of commiting all kind of offences without a care in the world.


One common mistake that parents make is giving very harsh punishments for minor mistakes. The physical punishment given to children by their parents may be one of the main reasons for violence in children because it results in them becoming angry and expressing it through hitting other children or abusing other children and their siblings. Parents should also come up with strategies to lessen violent tendancies in their children which may include:

(1) Preventing child abuse, (2)Monitoring child's viewing of violence in TV and films,(3) Do not be intimidated by your child- your child will not hate you because of a little discipline when they do wrong, (4)Being a role model for your child, (5)Don't abuse your spouse and expect your child to be good,(6) Improving verbal communication skills so that your child can express their feelings, (7)Challenge the idea that masculinity is always aggressive, (8)Reduce your family's tolerance for violent behaviour.


Parents should also be careful not to be pleased when their children fight back in self-defence when playing with other children in the playground. if all these can be adhered to, the world will be a stress free world for parents, teachers, neighbours and family members who do not always have to deal with disobedient, aggressive children due to lack of interest in trying to understand their children or providing a safe environment where the children can grow in character and in tolerance of other children.

Let us also teach our children to express their feelings when hurt. Dying in silence results to violence which most parents do not even know how to deal with. One recommendation that I can give is that incase you are unable to control your own child's actions, seek help from other parents or a psychologist because the problem might be bigger than it appears on surface level

Well, Thanks for reading. I hope this information will help you one way or the other.

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Our Children and Hygiene.

Our Children and Hygiene.

You know those times when you visit a place for the first time, and you cant help feasting your eyes to everything around you? Well, thats how I was the first time I visited Acacia Medical Center for treatment. The wall was filled with very many pictures on parts of the body, how to keep fit, what to do incase of emergencies and how to react when faced with danger. I was not very sick and so I got up and started walking around. There was one picture that I saw that almost shocked me to death, Yes- it may not have been a big deal if I had died seeing that I was in the hospital, but jeez!! that picture was ugly!!! It read, "I live under your nails" The picture above does not give justice to the one I saw in the hospital! But I guess I can say thet they are cousins?


Whats my point? -HYGIENE!!! If you are clean, you can never have such monsters or beasts or whatever you may want to call them, occupying any part of your body! Let me not be rush, I will take you step by step. First, what is hygiene? I will explain it using a very reliable source- WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO). According to WHO, hygiene refers to conditions and practices that help to maintain health and prevent the spread of diseases. So, what are these practices and conditions that should be followed?


(1) we should wash our bodies often by taking a shower or a bath everyday, (2) cleaning the teeth atleast once a day, (3) washing hair atleast once a week, (4) washing hands after visiting the toilet, before eating and preparing food, (5) changing into clean clothes, (6) covering nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing to prevent sneezing or coughing to prevent spreading infections. These practices should be followed keenly because maintaining a high level of personal hygiene, will help increase self esteem and confidence while minimizing chances of developing imperfections.


From what time should our children be taught about hygiene? The importance of hygiene should be stressed from as early as possible with oralcare, washing toilet hygiene and hair care being taught as everyday routines. With a clean body, clean hair, clean clothes and shoes, your children will feel good and their friends will be happy to be near them. So for parents, let us teach our children personal hygiene and see that it becomes a habit! they say that habits die hard and therefore this is one habit that as parents, you should ensure stays alive in your children!


Since we cannot be able to see germs with our naked eyes, ensuring that our children stay clean at all times is the only assurance that such monsters and beasts do not find homes in their bodies.Unfortunately, I have to say goodbye for now but will leave you with a quote for today, "Hygiene is as important as ABC- Always Be Clean!!! "Just because you cannot smell yourself, does not mean everyone else can't!


Well my good friends, Stay blessed and clean at all times.


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Spreading Hope and Love.

Spreading Hope and Love.

How are you today? Feeling good? Well, I guess you should be thankful for that! Did you remember to pray and appreciate the Almighty God for blessing you with perfect health? I used to hate the sound of the ambulance and would close my ears everytime they passed on the roads. My teacher in Secondary school saw me doing that in class one day as an ambulance was passing and I never forgot what she told me. This is what she said to me, "Instead of blocking your ears to the noise of the ambulance, why dont you thank God that you are not the one who is being rushed to hospital in it?"


I have never forgotten what she told me, because it is absolutely true! Many times we take life for granted, health for granted, friends for granted, parents for granted and even opportunities for granted. Our pastor's wife in my church tells us every sunday that you should never lack a testimony to tell of God's goodness nomatter what you are going through because being alive alone and in good health is a testimony.


When we make life a routine of going to work, school, to visit friends, to have fun and not stop and take another look at the other side of life like how are people faring in hospitals, how it feels to wake up without a home, being in an abusive relationship and not being able to afford what you want in life, then we are simply going through life and not living it!!


The greatest gift and commandment that we were given is LOVE. Love is one thing that everyone needs in life nomatter what kind of a person they are. With love comes other great values like kindness, commitment, hospitality, goodness, faithfulness-you name it! it means giving your time, sharing what you have and spreading hope to those who feel beaten by life. I got an opportunity to join a group of young people dedicated to teaching children at the paedriatic ward at Kenyatta National Hospital and what I saw there moved me almost to tears. Those wonderful children are suffering from cancer and other terminal diseases but the energy that they  have, the determination you see in their eyes as they play and as they learn new things, makes you take a second look at your self and your life in general.


I learnt so many things from Colour my world (thats the name given to this initiative) how to appreciate the big and little things in life, how to hope, how to love, how to forgive, how to perservere, how to endure, how to share and how to live every minute as if it is my last. It is indeed great to see how these young people have volunteered their time and effort to come and spread a little love to these children. Going out of their way to ensure that these children get materials to use, books, interesting videos and people to visit and talk to them from different organizations is not something to be taken lightly.


My question now comes back to you my reader, when was the last time you went out of your way to spread a little love to that child whom you meet in the street as you go to work, that neighbour of yours who goes to school with torn clothes or even that niece or nephew whom you hear is at home because of lack of fees? If your answer to these questions is never, I suggest you take time to go to Kenyatta Hospital- Colour my World and give yourself an opportunity to be a blessing.


Trust me, It feels great and you gain so much than what you are giving out. These children need us to give them hope for the future, their parents needs us to give our support to them so that they can be confident in the fact that they are not alone and the hospital needs us to show that we trust them to provide quality healthcare for the children. We can all be a blessing if we open our heart to love and we become unselfish with our time.


Thats all I felt you needed to know today. God bless you always and THANK YOU for taking your time to read my blog today. Any comments or suggestions are welcome.

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Breastfeeding-Is it important?

Breastfeeding-Is it important?

The first time I was requested to write an academic paper for my Communication Research class, I wrote on the Importance of Breastfeeding for mothers in Kenya. My lecturer was a little bit dissapointed in me because being a communication student, she expected me to write on topics such as the place of women in media, How to be involved in Participatory Communication development or any other topic that directly touched on Media and Communication.


Least said, I did my research, handed in my paper and got a good grade for it! i must say it was worth it! otherwise, what information would I be sharing with you today? I will start with asking this question; How important really is breastfeeding to both mother and child? The most reliable source when it comes to such matters is research. Statistics show that 80% of children who are breastfed have lower risks of getting infection. This simply means that by breastfeeding, you are giving your child an opportunity for a healthy and productive lifestyle!


What then is breastfeeding? it simply means feeding the baby with milk from the breast. Breastmilk is the only meal the baby takes for the first six months of his/her life and therefore forms a very essential part of every human's life. This being the case, the mother should ensure that she breastfeeds the baby as often as possible. Breast milk is also very advantageous to both mother and child in many ways. Important to note is the fact that it is even more advantageous to the mother despite the many negative beliefs associated to it.


To the mother, (1) breastfeeding helps her to bond with her baby as it feeds, (2) helps the uterus go back to its normal size, (3) it helps her with spacing of children, (4) helps the mother to reduce weight after giving birth, (5) reduces the risk of the mother getting breast and ovarian cancer and type 2 diabetes. In addition to all this, brestfeeding also helps to reduce the worry that comes with bottlefeeding because of issues of infections that results from lack of cleanliness.


To the baby, (1)breastmilk contains colostrum which protects the baby from infections during the first six months of its life before the baby begins weaning, (2) helps the baby bond with its mother, (3) reduces the risks of the baby getting infections, and diseases such as allergies, diabetes and asthma (3) reduces the likelihood of the baby being obese because breastmilk is well balanced unlike processed milk which contains a lot of fat.


It is important to note however that there are many misconceptions associated with breastfeeding that stop a lot of women from doing it- Many believe that breastfeeding makes their breasts sag, makes the baby weak and too dependant and results to women loosing their shape. I choose to disagree for obvious reasons stated above. The first priority for any parent should be the well being of their children. If breastfeeding provides a step towards achieving this, what else could be better? Compared to bottlefeeding which many women prefer, Breastfeedng helps prevent alot of infections, is always at the right temprature, is available (you dont buy it) and is environment friendly!


Enough said, lets breastfeed our children and offer them an opportunity for a healthy lifestyle! Lets also join together during World Breastfeeding week every year,  from 1st August to 7th August to educate our women and soon to be mothers on the Importance of Breastfeeding for them and their baby.


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Importance of Play in Child Development

Importance of Play in Child Development

One of the greatest memories we should hold in our lives should be from our childhood days. This is because, we could get away with some of the craziest things simply because we were children! I bet if right now any of us could go outside and walk around with different shoes, or walk with mad all over our clothes, people will think us crazy.

Where am I going with all these? I believe that children should be allowed to grow without any interferences from anybody. One way we could do this is allow them to play. Ever wondered what role play has in our lives and those of our children?  
Play is an essential and critical part of all children's development. It starts in the life of a child from infancy and continues even as the child develops. Play has many advantages to a child; it helps the child psychologically, physically and also emotionally.

Emotionally, Play helps the child to bond with the mother and learn how to work with other children in groups. Physically, it helps the child develop limps and become strong. They are able to use their forelimbs and arms and legs to play and thus they grow up strong! Psychologically, it helps the child’s brain to develop during the first few years of his life. This is because it helps the child to learn how to communicate emotions, engage in problem solving and to imagine which in turn helps the child to be creative.

Research shows that 75 percent of brain development occurs after birth. Play helps with this development by stimulating the brain through the formation of connections between nerve cells. Isn’t this great? Education is not the only brain feeder after all! It is also important to know that play is divided into many types. There is manipulative play, creative play, and co-operative play. Manipulative play helps the child to use the limbs through playing games such as ball throwing and innocent arm wrestling, Creative play helps the child to use their imagination through coming up with their own improvised games and they also experiment with languages and emotion- which could also be called Fantasy play while Co-operative play is where the child begins to learn all about rules. They also begin to play in groups and learn how to follow the leaders chosen in these games. Some of these games include, follow the leader, Simon says and Mathew Mathew, John John which teaches a child concentration. This type of play teaches children the concept that life has rules which we must follow. It is important therefore to note that children’s well being is also dependant on play and therefore they should engage in it in order to develop properly.

Well, that’s all I have for you today. Allow your child to go out and play. Yes, they may get hurt a few times, but the benefits far outrun the disadvantages that comes with play. Children get to learn new stuff, to interact with others, to be creative and come up with new things and to even follow rules which will help you in the house when you have rules of your own that you want followed! Isn’t this great.

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Before I write on any child-related topics, let me first start by introducing me. My name is Redempta Oburu, I am a christian who loves and follows Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour. I have studied up to post-graduate level and is currently single. I love Children very much main reason being that I was once a child and absolutely loved it!!! I believe that all children should be repected, should have fun and should be allowed to grow in a good natural pace.

I hope that this blog will help shed light on a few matters concerning children that should be attended to. I hope to look at various topics, and ask all my readers to walk with me as we explore and discover and open up new opportunities for our children to have a bright future!!!

God bless and keep you always!!!!!!